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Wilhelmshaven is known for its wonderful contrasts. Visitors can relax at the beach, go on a shopping spree or enjoy the town’s cultural highlights here. The exciting history is omnipresent, and yet the green coastal town is modern, ever-changing and surprising.

Water is a recurring theme throughout Wilhelmshaven. Visitors can find one maritime attraction after the other around the Großer Hafen harbour: the Küstenmuseum (Coastal Museum), Aquarium, Deutsches Marinemuseum (German Naval Museum), UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre and tours of the harbour are popular among the general public. The Südstrand (South Beach) is the perfect place for a swim or stroll.

Annual events such as the "Wochenende an der Jade" (Weekend on the Jade), the International StreetArt Festival or the Wilhelmshaven Sailing CUP are popular with locals and visitors alike.

A wide array of events as well as award-winning hotels and restaurants cater to every taste and provide all the ingredients for a varied holiday. Wilhelmshaven is worth the trip no matter the season!


Panorama Picture German Navy Museum
© Deutsches Marinemuseum/ Klaus Schreiber

German Navy Museum Wilhelmshaven

The Navy Museum awaits you right new to Wilhelmshaven's landmark, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bridge. A visit to Germany’s biggest museum war ship is the best way to vividly experience everyday life at sea.

View on the permanent exhibition
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Wilhelmshaven Coastal Museum

Of dyke builders, emperors, chieftains and giant container ships ... an unconventionally designed exhibition on the past, present and future of the coast awaits visitors to the Wilhelmshaven Coastal…

Südstrand beach
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Südstrand beach
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© WTF GmbH / Martin Stöver

Imperial Flair

Visitors to Wilhelmshaven will come across its imperial past at every turn. The town boasts plenty of attractions closely associated with the empire and Kaiser Wilhelm I, who lends his name to the…

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