Kleine Mönche auf Zeit im gotischen Kreuzgang, © ZisterzienserMuseum Kloster Walkenried/ Günter Jentsch
© ZisterzienserMuseum Kloster Walkenried/ Günter Jentsch

Walkenried Monastery - ZisterzienserMuseum

KinderFerienLand Lower Saxony

Devoted to recounting the medieval history of the Walkenried monks, the ZisterzienserMuseum at Walkenried Monastery is an experience for the whole family.

The building complex includes the ruins of the abbey as well as the Gothic cloister building, which has been largely maintained to this day. Just like Goslar’s old town, Rammelsberg Mine and the Upper Harz Water Management System, the monastery complex has been officially recognised as a World Heritage Site. Even today, visitors can get an insight into the everyday life of the Cistercian monks. These devout men of God were present in the southern Harz town of Walkenried for around 400 years, leaving behind many traces which today allow young and old visitors to travel back in time to the Middle Ages at the ZisterzienserMuseum. An experience for the whole family.


Walkenried Monastery - ZisterzienserMuseum

Steinweg 4a
37445 Walkenried
Phone: +49 (0) 05525 / 9599064


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