Kleine Mönche auf Zeit im gotischen Kreuzgang, © ZisterzienserMuseum Kloster Walkenried/ Günter Jentsch
© ZisterzienserMuseum Kloster Walkenried/ Günter Jentsch

Zisterzi­enser­Mu­seum Kloster Walken­ried

Kinderferienland Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)

De­voted to re­count­ing the me­di­ev­al his­tory of the Walken­ried monks, the Zisterzi­enser­Mu­seum at Walken­ried Mon­as­tery is an ex­per­i­ence for the whole fam­ily.

The build­ing com­plex in­cludes the ru­ins of the ab­bey as well as the Goth­ic cloister build­ing, which has been largely main­tained to this day. Just like Gos­lar’s old town, Ram­mels­berg Mine and the Up­per Harz Wa­ter Man­age­ment Sys­tem, the mon­as­tery com­plex has been of­fi­cially re­cog­nised as a World Her­it­age Site. Even today, vis­it­ors can get an in­sight in­to the every­day life of the Cister­cian monks. These de­vout men of God were present in the south­ern Harz town of Walken­ried for around 400 years, leav­ing be­hind many traces which today al­low young and old vis­it­ors to travel back in time to the Middle Ages at the Zisterzi­enser­Mu­seum. An ex­per­i­ence for the whole fam­ily.


ZisterzienserMuseum Kloster Walkenried

Steinweg 4a
37445 Walkenried
Phone: 05525-9599064


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