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Wolfsburg Castle
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Wolfsburg Castle

The founding family of Wolfsburg Castle was the powerful and noble Bartensleben family, until it was handed over to the Schulenburg Earls in the 18th century. In 1962 the city of Wolfsburg became the proud owner of the castle.

The impressive building in the style of the Weser Renaissance is not only the namesake of the city, but also the cultural focus. Inside the castle is the City Gallery with artworks from the 20th century, the Art Association with constantly changing exhibitions and the city museum in the castle remise with insights into the castle and local history. Changing exhibitions, concerts and events in and around Wolfsburg Castle, like the Garden Romantic exhibition or the Knight’s Festival, round off the Wolfsburg Castle experience. During your visit you will find out a lot about the origins and history, and knights, earls and ghosts.


Schloss Wolfsburg

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