Harz National Park

Nature experiences in the Harz mountains


Brocken view from the Rabenklippe
© Christian Wiesel

The Harz mountains are one of the most northerly outposts of low mountains in Germany. Wind and rain do their worst here before passing over summits like Wurmberg, the largest mountain in Lower Saxony at 971 metres. The harsh climate has created a unique, species-rich mountain wilderness, protected by its status as Harz National Park – one of Germany’s largest forest national parks.

The national park is covered almost completely by forest. Expansive beech forests and ancient spruce forests in the higher altitudes characterise its look. Even higher, rock formations, stone pits, clear mountain streams and moorland create a wild mountain landscape, before the ancient mountain spruce forests are limited by the treeless mountain heath of the Brocken. The Harz mountains are the only German low mountain range to reach a natural tree line.

Mobility impairments don't hinder visitors from exploring the national park.

The national park information centre at Torfhaus, which is fully accessible and has disabled parking spaces, offers a magnificent view across this special natural landscape with the thick forest of the Harz National Park. Torfhaus also houses an interesting exhibition, in which you can discover and use all your senses to experience what makes the natural world of the Harz so unique and why national parks in Germany and worldwide are so important. In addition to information about the Harz National Park, you can also learn about the former border within Germany, the “Green Belt”.

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