Folk festivals

in Lower Saxony

enlarge Walpurgis Night celebration in Bad Grund

Walpurgis Night celebration in Bad Grund
© Harzer Tourismusverband

Walpurgis Night celebration in Bad Grund

The Heideblütenfest is the biggest folk festival in Lüneburg. Besides various singing and theatrical performances, the highlight of the festival is the Heath Queen Contest. Festival celebrations are held every autumn, when the heath is in full bloom.

Although geographically no longer part of Lower Saxony, every year on 30 April, the Harz Brocken puts on a “spine-chilling” show. A legendary gathering place for witches, it is the ideal place to celebrate the night of the dancing witches. Early in the evening, a “Miss Witch” contest is held, whereby a jury votes in a dance of the witches for the witch with the fastest broom and most original costume. Witches can also obtain a witch driving licence – perhaps so they can fly themselves home afterwards?

Visitors should be sure not miss out on the world’s biggest Schützenfest (marksmen’s festival) in Hanover. The Schützenfest has been held for more than 450 years in the first week of July on the Schützenplatz (marksmen’s square) in Hanover. More than two million visitors flock every year to the approx. 10-hectare square to be part of this spectacle.

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