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enlarge "Ölnicker" in the Niedergrafschaft

"Ölnicker" in the Niedergrafschaft
© Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus / Armin Frieling

"Ölnicker" in the Niedergrafschaft

On the border of Grafschaft Bentheim, the Dutch province of Drenthe and Emsland lies the International Nature Park Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen. This unspoilt landscape, shaped by moors and bogs, has remained practically unchanged for centuries, although traces can still be found of the people who first populated the area.

The “Dynamic Audio-Geo Information System for Tourists (DAGIT)” lets you immerse yourself in the rich natural history of this landscape while you ‘explore’ it by car. Three routes with different thematic focuses guide motorists safely and easily through this formerly impassable area. The pioneer trail “Moor/Veen” leads you across 99 kilometres of former raised bogs, the Bourtanger Moor. In the mid-19th century, this was the site of the largest peat cutting industry in the Netherlands.

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