Mines of Rammelsberg UNESCO World Heritage Site

enlarge Kunstrad im Roeder-Stollen

Kunstrad im Roeder-Stollen
© Sammlung Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg, Goslar

The Mines of Rammelsberg UNESCO World Heritage Site is an unforgettable experience for all ages, both above ground in the many museum buildings and underground in the visitor mine. This authentic former workplace offers families with children, older people and people with disabilities the opportunity to visit numerous permanent and special exhibitions independently and spontaneously. A new feature is a ride on the inclined conveyor, which takes visitors up to the highest point of the ore processing facility. Both the ride on the inclined lift and the view over the site are an extraordinary experience for the entire family.

The underground tours are especially attractive for all visitors, and for children in particular. Visitors can immerse themselves in a long-lost world, either on foot in the 200-year-old Roeder mine or on the mine train. Wheelchair users have the option of riding into the mine on a special mine train adapted for wheelchairs.
As well as themed tours and workshops for schools and other children's groups, special family tours are offered at weekends and focus on the interests of children. All visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Site can stay at Rammelsberg on an hourly basis or all day, not forgetting to take a break in the museum restaurant on the site.
Needless to say, safety standards both above and below are high and those below ground are checked every single day.


  • Sonderführungen für Familien
  • Themenführungen und Workshops für Schüler- und Kindergruppen
  • Das Rollimobil macht eine Grubenbahnführung für Menschen mit Handicap möglich
  • Sonderausstellungen


  • Infoblätter und Hörstationen für Kinder und Familien
  • Familienrabatt, Kinderrabatt, Familienaktionen

Information for wheelchair users and people with walking impairments

  • There are marked parking spaces for people with disabilities close to the rear entrance (factory gate). The path to the till has an incline of 11% over a distance of 150 m.
  • The main entrance can only be accessed via steps.
  • There is a bus stop at the main entrance.
  • Paths in outdoor areas, including underground, are smooth.
  • Wheelchair users can reach the till counter from the side (counter height 97 cm).
  • There are inclines of up to 6% in the exhibition area (ramp in museum building).
  • There is a lift to the exhibition space (car: 140 cm x 220 cm). It can only be operated by service staff.
  • The mine train has been adapted for wheelchair use. The ramp has the following dimensions: width 1.10 m, length 1.55 m, incline 10%. The turning space in the train is 1 m deep and 1.20 m wide. There is a seat for a carer. The wheelchair user can be strapped in with a seatbelt.
  • Doors and routes checked are at least 90 cm wide. Wheelchair-suitable tables are available in the restaurant and on the outside terrace.
  • Tours for wheelchair users are offered.


  • Available aids: Loan wheel chair.

Disabled toilet

  • The WC is at least 58 cm high and accessible from only one side.
  • Fold-up grab rails are provided on both sides.
  • The wash basin is partially wheelchair-suitable and the mirror can be seen from sitting and standing positions.

Information for the deaf and hearing impaired

Exhibition spaces

  • There is no induction loop.
  • Written stop information is provided at the bus stop outside the museum entrance.
  • The exhibition spaces are lit. There is limited lighting during the underground tour.

Restaurant area

  • Tables with bright and non-glare lighting are available in the restaurant and on the outside terrace. There are tables with no standing or hanging lamps that could impair the line of sight or eye contact.

Information for the blind and partially sighted

  • Assistance dogs are permitted (including in the restaurant).
  • There are steps in the main entrance area (inside and outside). These are not designed with visual or tactile contrasts. Hand rails are provided on the internal stairs.
  • Some outdoor paths have easily visible and feelable path limits.
  • The wall can be used for orientation in some areas inside. Exhibition items sometimes present obstacles.
  • There is no comprehensive guidance system with floor indicators. Visitors are guided through the exhibition by coloured arrows on the floor.
  • No information is available in Braille or prism font.
  • In the restaurant, the menu is designed in an unembellished, high-contrast font.


Information for people with cognitive impairments


There is parking for disabled people at the rear entrance (factory gate). The main entrance is not visible from there. There is also a general car park.
The bus stop is directly at the main entrance. In indoor and outdoor areas, the destination of each path is not always within sight.
Visitors are guided through the exhibition by coloured arrows on the floor. Parts of the tour take place underground and thus in limited light.
The dishes in the restaurant are not presented with pictures or in a clearly visible way. Some signs inside and outside use pictograms.
No information is available in simple language.

The “Travel for all” certified relexa hotel Harz-Wald in Braunlage is a nearby accommodation option.

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Mines of Rammelsberg UNESCO World Heritage Site

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