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Schloss Evenburg
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The Schlosspark has always been open to everyone. It is valued by the many holiday-makers who quickly fall in love with the English landscaped garden with Schloss Evenburg at its heart. Located in southern East Frisia, Schloss Evenburg is an old moated castle that was converted in the 19th Century. Baron von Ehrentreuter had the castle built in Dutch style in the mid-17th Century.

It is now owned by the district of Leer. Unique in the region, the ensemble is a must for guests and locals, who can admire its moats, ponds, mighty trees and multiple bridges, and enjoy the nature, architecture, art and relaxation with all the senses. Trained guides enthusiastically show off both the inside and outside of this significant cultural monument: the large hall, the magnificent staircase, the decoration on the high ceilings and the impressive entrance.

Information for wheelchair users and people with walking impairments

  • Parking spaces for people with disabilities are provided.
  • The paths from the car park and bus stop to the entrance are smooth.
  • A platform stair lift is provided for step-free access to the entrance. The platform measures 109 cm x 180 cm.
  • All doors and passages are at least 90 cm wide (exception: WC door 88 cm). Turning spaces usually measure at least 150 cm x 150 cm.
  • The exhibition spaces on the ground and first floor are of different sizes and connected by large, open doors. The narrowest passages are 142 cm wide.
  • The exhibition spaces have few thresholds. The highest threshold on the ground floor measures 2.5 cm; the highest on the first floor 4.5 cm.
  • The exhibition spaces on the first floor have step-free access via a lift.
  • The lift car measures 110 cm x 140 cm and has a horizontal operation panel.
  • Exhibits are visible from a sitting or standing position.
  • Tour guides are trained to make sure that guests with walking impairments and wheelchair users can take part in every tour and have their needs catered for.
  • Aids for guests with limited mobility: Wheelchair.
  • Information for wheelchair users is provided on the website.

Disabled toilet

  • The WC is at least 70 cm high and accessible from the right.
  • Fold-up grab rails are provided on both sides.
  • The wash basin is wheelchair-suitable.
  • The turning spaces in front of the WC and wash basin measure at least 150 cm x 150 cm.
  • Emergency call buttons are provided.

Information for the deaf and hearing impaired

  • Website with special information for guests with hearing impairments.
  • There is an induction loop. Receivers and headphones are available from staff.
  • Tours are offered for guests with hearing impairments.
  • Tour guides are trained to make sure that guests with hearing impairments can take part in every tour and have their needs catered for.
  • Written stop information is provided at the bus stop.
  • Rooms and corridors are brightly lit. Website with special information for guests with hearing impairments.
  • The first floor is accessed via a lift (or stairs). Any emergency call in the lift is not confirmed with a visual alarm.

Information for the blind and partially sighted

  • The path from the car park to the entrance has easily visible and feelable path limits.
  • The entrance area has good visual contrast from the surroundings and is well lit and glare-free.
  • The steps at the entrance are not designed with visual or tactile contrasts.
  • There are no revolving or glass doors.


  • Assistance dogs are not permitted.
  • Rooms and corridors are brightly lit and some are designed with visual contrasts.
  • Exhibits contrast visually with the surroundings and are well lit.
  • There are not usually obstacles such as objects protruding into the path or trip hazards (exception: some exhibits).
  • There is no comprehensive guidance system with floor indicators.
  • No information is available in Braille or prism font.
  • Information on the website can be accessed by voice output.
  • The ground and first floors of the exhibition are connected by a lift. Any emergency call is confirmed with a sound alarm.

Information for people with cognitive impairments

  • On both indoor and outdoor routes, the destination is usually within sight or signs are provided.
  • Exhibits in the exhibition are presented visibly.
  • No information is provided in simple language or with pictograms or pictures.

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Schloss Evenburg

Am Schlosspark 25, 26789 Leer

Phone: +49 (0) 491 / 99756000

Visit Website:

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