Schüler forschen im Labor zum Thema Luft, © phaeno/ Janina Snatzke
© phaeno/ Janina Snatzke

phæno Wolfsburg

Marvel at a six metre high fire tornado, create cloud rings, feel your way across a dark space or lie comfortably on a bed of nails like a fakir: the phæno in Wolfsburg, Germany is an entertaining day out for all ages. Come and see how more than 350 extraordinary phenomena can arouse your curiosity and reveal the secrets of nature. There is something for everyone in Germany’s one and only experiment centre, whatever your age or level of knowledge. And best of all: visitors have a say in, and full control over, what happens during the tour. There are no stipulated routes through the centre, curiosity leads the way and takes visitors through fascinating themed areas, e.g. energy, mirrors, sight or life. Adults and children can attempt to brave the cold through the power of thought, see infinite reflections of themselves, freeze their own shadow, discover genes, find out what electricity feels like or land gently on their feet like a cat.


 Lower Saxony’s KinderFerienLand certification makes it easier for parents to search for destinations geared towards kids' holidays. The basic idea is that only family friendly companies will bear the seal. Expert assessors check the operation’s service, child-friendly facilities and child safety standards.


  • The venue can host children’s birthday parties on request
  • Phaenolini tour for families
  • Hands-on laboratories at the weekends and during the school holidays in Lower Saxony
  • Family discount


  • Child-friendly exhibits
  • Children’s menus in the restaurant
  • Family toilets and baby changing facilities

phaeno Wolfsburg

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
38440 Wolfsburg
Phone: +49 (0) 5361 / 890 100


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