The vir­tu­al guide to Lower Sax­ony

A virtual journey through the northern federal state

Dream about your next holiday now! We have compiled the best ways of travelling virtually to us in the north – to Holiday Destination Lower Saxony. There are various means of exploring Lower Saxony as though you were actually there!

Experience the soothing expanse of Lower Saxony by flying in a drone over the natural landscape. Visit the Lüneburg Heath while the heather is in blossom and the landscape glows like a vast purple carpet. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the North Sea coast. Our seven pearls in the North Sea – the East Frisian Islands – can also be explored virtually.

Virtual culture & arts – we present the best ways to discover Lower Saxony’s cultural offerings online from home. For example, you can stroll through the Old Town of Hanover. Or you can pay a virtual visit to Lower Saxony’s museums.

Whet your appetite for a holiday in Lower Saxony. Discover regional culinary specialities and use the recipes to take a piece of Lower Saxony home with you in a culinary sense.

Dream about your next holiday – dream about Holiday Destination Lower Saxony. We wish you an exciting virtual trip!