Maschsee Lake Festival, © TMN / Kevin Münkel
© TMN / Kevin Münkel
Jul 31, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019

Maschsee Lake Festival

Along the palm-lined lakeside boulevard a successful blend of live music, performance artistry and delicious thrings to eat and drink is on offer - come and experience all this at one of northern Germany's top summer events!

Even during the day, the mood by the Maschsee Lake is fantastic. But as darkness falls, and the colourful lights of the booths and stages are reflected in the water, things really take off. A spectacular programme of music and entertainment is presented on a number of stages along the shores of the lake, turning the promenade into a athmospheric open air arena.

For three weeks every summer, a ginormous party takes place on the promenades around the shores of the Maschsee Lake. With some two million visitors, the Maschsee Lake Festival is one of northern Germany's biggest open air partys. Right on the banks of the lake, a number of stages offer programmes for every age and every taste. From the culinary point of view, the Maschsee Lake Festival can offer the most exquisite of specialities. And there is a colourful programme of activities specially designed for the younger guests.



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