Mähdrescher, © Interessengemeinschaft „Historische Erntetechnik“
© Interessengemeinschaft „Historische Erntetechnik“
Aug 4, 2019

Mähbindertag in Zeetze

The agricultural production Zeetze eG and the interest group "historical harvesting technology" organize on 04. August 2019, finally again a Zeetzer Mähbindertag to the demonstration of historical grain harvesting technology.

As in the earlier years, from about 11.30 clock wild boar on the spit and other culinary delights are available for you.

The obligatory tour of the harvesting machines and their practical demonstration will start at 1 pm. We hope that this year in the field is possible. In bad weather, the demonstration will take place on the Technikhof.

The impressive and rapid development of technology over almost a century is made tangible at various stages of development. The starting point is the harvest with the scythe, followed by the grass mower with hand rest, pulled by a three-wheel tractor. After that, a wing mower is used, with which the grain is already stored in sheaves and "only" has to be tied by hand. Everyone is cordially invited to take part as they wish in taking off and binding the cereal grains and to convince themselves of the sweaty character of the work. This is followed by an overview of the development and automation of various types of mowing binders. Here are presented several different types of mowing binders of different years of construction.

The two Progress combines "E 175", the towed John Deere and, by comparison, the modern Claas combine harvester, will be on display once again this year as a "brigade". The straw press with the two progress presses then completes the complex of the grain harvest.

As this year's climax, cereal crops will again be threshed out by flail - to protect the spectators, again, specially trained "skilled workers will be deployed.

So again it promises to be an interesting and varied afternoon.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the food is also taken care of: wild boar, grilled meat, bratwurst, draft beer and ice cream, coffee and cake. There is something for all tastes.

All interested, who would like to experience historical agricultural technology to touch, are cordially invited, on Sunday, the 04.08. again on the way to Zeetze to make the B195, in office Neuhaus.

Admission is free.

For further information as well as inquiries about harvesting technology, please contact the interest group "Historical Harvesting Technology", contact: Norbert Jandt, Schulstieg 5, 19273 Zeetze, mail: N.Jandt@agrar-zeetze.de,

Tel .: 038845-40205.


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