© Jens Sachteleben
© Jens Sachteleben
Jun 28, 2019

Jiddische Lieder und Klezmer zum Thema Liebe

Oh yes, love: inspiration, motivation number one, the most beautiful and sometimes the saddest in the world.

In their program Ikh dikh tsufil lib, which means I love you too much, recorded and sang the Klezmertrio A Mehkaye together with the wonderful Yiddish singer and guitarist Anna Vishnevska the love. Sometimes melancholic tender, sometimes with fire for dancing and in any case always with Neshome, with soul.
A Mekhaye are well-proven musicians from Hamburg, who have been playing in different formations for many years. Their repertoire is traditional klezmer music. Instrumental and with vocals. Arranged with playfulness, empathetic and expressive. Taly Almagor, violin, and Stefan Goreiski, button accordion, vocals, recitation, played in 1989 at the Jiddish Festival in Krakow, Poland. Maike Spieker, (bass) clarinet, has been part of the ensemble since the Yiddish Summer Weimar 2011.
A Mekhaye first appeared in 2011 at the 100th anniversary of the Talmud Torah School in Hamburg. Since 2012, they have regularly performed at the Alto- nale in Hamburg. Her musical background is based on various experiences in chamber and orchestral music as well as folk and street music in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, the Balkans and Israel. Her CD is titled "Friling."
Admission free - the artists are happy about an appropriate donation at the exit.
Before the concert and at break, the Heimatverein Ashausen eV will be serving guests drinks and snacks.


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