© Hildegard Muth
© Hildegard Muth
Jun 8, 2019 - Jun 10, 2019

Grau sind alle meine Werke und gar nicht trist - Kunst OFfen

Theme in Art Open this year: The color gray. Shown are quilts, textile pictures and photos.

Hildegard Muth: "The color gray fascinated me for a long time, alone or in combination with other colors.I have implemented the theme with different materials and techniques, traditional and experimental."

Shown are quilts, textile pictures and photos. There are also hand-dyed fabrics, pillows, bags etc.

Hand-dyed, creatively using various techniques designed natural fibers for patchwork and other textile work. In addition, textile objects, partly created experimentally with unusual colors and materials. In the design, many things are often left to chance, such as coloring with ice, mandalas or rusting the fabric. On the other hand, there are techniques, such as Shibori, which work towards a certain result, that is to say patterns.


  • June 8, 2019 From :begin to 18:00
  • June 9, 2019 From :begin to 18:00
  • June 10, 2019 From :begin to 17:00


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