© TV LK Stade, Foto Martin Elsen
© TV LK Stade, Foto Martin Elsen
Jul 28, 2019

"Geest, Marsch und Heide" - Radtour mit dem ADFC KV Stade

We cycle through the different landscapes around Stade. Refreshments.

Tour leader: Rolf Hartmann

Everyone can participate. Non-ADFC members are asked to donate to the association. Any costs incurred for ferries, the Elbe cycle bus, etc., as well as for meals at a stop, are borne by the participants themselves.

Recommendation (not a condition): Use of a bicycle helmet and carrying a bicycle tube for your own bike.

In general: Each participant is responsible for the traffic safety of his bicycle and for the observance of the traffic regulations. The ADFC excludes any liability.


Am Bundesbahnhof 1A
21614 Buxtehude

Contact data

Essener Straße 1
30173 Hannover
Phone: +49 (0) 511 / 2704880


Arrival planning

Plan your journey to „S-Buxtehude“ with Google Maps.