Eingang Waldbühne, © Carsten Köhn
© Carsten Köhn
Aug 25, 2019

Fierobend in Köenhoff

The Low German stage in VfL Sittensen plays:
"Here you are right"
A waver in three acts by Marc Camoletti. German by Gerald and Uta Szyskowitz.
Low German by Gerd Meyer published by VVB Norderstedt

We are at the Resthof of the famous Emma Feddersen (Heike Klensang), an aging revue and show star. Here she lives together with her employer Bertha (Gerda Bredehöft), as well as the subtenants Cäcilie Matz, piano teacher (Hella Otten) and Gabi, painter (Britta Knupper).
These four ladies enter a newspaper ad independently: Emma Petersen wants to rent out the Resthof completely to move back to the city and is therefore looking for a tenant (Werner Detjen). Bertha is looking for the man for life (Uwe Zehle). Cäcilie is looking for a piano student (Hendrik Ehlen) to make ends meet. Gabi is looking for a model (Carsten Köhn) for her latest work "Festmahl bei Spartacus".
But because no one knows about the ads of others, there is a chain of misunderstandings, with the ladies in despair and the applicants in some extremely embarrassing situations. What applies to the protagonists only in the finale, is true for the audience from the beginning: Here sünd se right!

So, if you want to know how to get four men to walk barefoot across the stage, how to handle "een Ramm", what Romans have to do with rhythm and, above all, what VSF means, then visit the Waldbühne Königshof, Königshofallee 36, 27419 Sittensen.

Ticket sales: optic noelte, Bahnhofstrasse 14, 27419 Sittensen, 04282 50 85 00


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