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© Archäologisches Zentrum Hitzacker
Apr 7, 2020

Ferienkurs: „Tränen der Götter“

In this holiday program, the participants from raw amber with stone or Bronzezeitlichen means produce an individual piece of jewelry.

In ancient myths, the amber is called "tears of the gods". Actually, the fossilized resin has been in demand since the Stone Age. Both pearls and figures were created from it. One of the oldest sculptures in northern Germany is the elk von Weitsche, which was designed around 14,000 years ago. In the Bronze Age the amber trade experienced a new dimension. Baltic amber was traded through many trading stations to faraway Egypt. The raw amber is however rather unimpressive. Only by grinding and polishing does he get his magical appearance.

Costs: Children 12,00; Adults 14.00 (including material)
Participants: min. 5, max. 15 participants
Minimum age for unaccompanied children: 12 years
Registration deadline: 5th April 2020, then please inquire!

Info: Tel .: 05862/67 94,

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  • April 7, 2020 From :begin to 15:30

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