Emmas Glück, © Andreas Hartmann
© Andreas Hartmann
Mar 27, 2020

Emmas Glück

by Claudia Schreiber
edited for the stage by Caspar Harlan and Kerstin Wittstamm
with Karin Schroeder
Directed by Andreas Goehr

Emma lives alone on a remote farm that is about to be auctioned off. One night a Ferrari flies out of the curve into the yard. Inside is a man named Max, who stole the car and his fifty thousand dollars from his friend and work partner Hans. He wanted to go to Mexico again because he is terminally ill. Before Max feels that he has arrived at the most beautiful place in the world, he has to learn to deal with dirt and animals and above all with a woman who is as primitive, hungry for love and peasant as Emma. A modern fairy tale, a captivating love story, a thriller about life and death.

"The actress has big plans for the staging of" Emma's Happiness "as a one-person play directed by Andreas Goehr, and right from the start: she also managed to achieve great things.
The morale of the evening could not be explained more beautifully: Sometimes happiness is somewhere else than you think. ”Visselhöveder Kreiszeitung

Entry 17, - I reduced 10, -

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  • March 27, 2020 At 20:30

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