Penelope und Eurikleia, © Marion Kollenrott
© Marion Kollenrott
Nov 10, 2019

Die Odyssee

Three actors, with wigs, beards, helmets and various costumes, bring a whopping 27 roles to the stage. The Free Stage Wendland plays "The Odyssey" ,. It unfolds a tragic-comical, sometimes almost comic-like spectacle with wit and eroticism. The performance is a festival for actors who enjoy the transformation, unrestrained callousness, great pathos and unvarnished reality. The three actors skillfully commute between slapstick and tragedy, small, touching moments switch to excessive comedy. Directed by Caspar Harlan, Gero Wachholz, Kerstin Wittstamm, Martin Papke.

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Riemannstraße 3
29451 Dannenberg (Elbe)

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