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© VERDO Hitzacker
Dec 3, 2020

Danceperados of Ireland Spirit of Irish Christmas Tour

Danceperados of Ireland
Spirit of Irish Christmas Tour

The enthusiasm for Irish tap dancing is enshrined in the name of this new Irish dance show. Translated freely from English, it means "the dance mad". Yes, the Irish simply cannot be dancing, singing and playing

to let. It is in their blood. Every country has its own special way of celebrating Christmas. Ireland is no exception. The Danceperados of Ireland bring us closer to the Christmas customs of the Green Island with their “Spirit of Irish Christmas” tour. They take us into this special time, which produces some very idiosyncratic flowers like the "Wren Boys". Young boys put on wild straw hats, put on rag costumes, and joke around in the neighborhood. The Christmas swimming in the ice-cold sea and the Christmas for women, which go back to pre-Christian times with a matriarchal society, are also unique. This takes place on Holy Epiphany and then the men take over the household duties and spoil the ladies of the house. The artists keep making the audience laugh, because some customs are weird for us and therefore weird. All of this is in fine balance with spiritual moments of internalization.

The danceperados take us back to a time before the commercialization of Christmas and the Santa Claus present everywhere in the Anglo-Saxon and our world.

There will be no waiting for the big Christmas hits of the globalized world. Instead, old Gaelic hymns and Christmas carols sound in English, which are referred to as "Carols". The "Wexford Carol" is world famous. Since many Irish people had to make their living abroad then and now, Christmas is always the time of year in which all Irish people living abroad strive to go home. They have not seen their friends and families all year round and are overjoyed to be able to celebrate together. The pubs are packed and whiskey and beer flow freely. To do this, jigs & reels are played. Wherever they are played, people dance wildly… At the latest now it becomes clear to one:

An Irish tap dance show and the motto "Irish Christmas" - that fits together wonderfully! A multivision with winter landscapes and Christmas motifs finely tuned to music and dance gives the audience the feeling of being right in the middle of it - being in Ireland.


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  • December 3, 2020 At 20:00

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