Sonnenuntergang auf Juist
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The East Frisian island of Juist is also known as “Töwerland”, meaning magic land, and visitors will quickly understand why. A trip to Juist island transports you to a whole new world. Once you leave the harbour with its imposing sea markers, a rural setting awaits you. In the midst of horses and carts and handcarts, everyday stresses and strains magically melt away. With a width of just 500 metres, Juist island may be very narrow, but it is also the longest East Frisian island at 17 kilometres. The landscape is characterised by endless dunes and long white sandy beaches, extending, depending on the weather, a tempting invitation to swim or hike on this North Sea island. The educational and art trail that winds its way through the dunes is an ideal way to fully appreciate the island’s relief and the splendour of the dunes. From the little district of Loog, you come to the Hammersee, the largest fresh water lake on the East Frisian islands.


East Frisian Tea Ceremony
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Beach Juist
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Port of Juist
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Port of Juist

The port of Juist is a paradise for amateur sailors and is close to the main village on Juist Island.

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