Altenkamp Estate, © Papenburg Marketing GmbH / Patrick Anneken
© Papenburg Marketing GmbH / Patrick Anneken

The Gut Altenkamp Estate

In the district of Aschendorf, in the midst of the expansive 200-year-old Baroque garden with its impressive yew hedges, lies the historic Gut Altenkamp manor.

Architect Peter Pictorius created the manor between 1728 and 1732 in a northern German/Dutch Baroque style with a stately pleasure garden as the base for the Emsland bailiffs. Visitors can marvel at temporary exhibitions during summer.

In conjunction with the Zinnober art school in Papenburg, themed events related to the exhibitions are held for pupils of all ages from all types of schools. The events include a guided tour of the exhibition and a practical session.

For more information visit the website of the Gut Altenkamp Estate.

Gut Altenkamp estate

Am Altenkamp
26871 Papenburg
Phone: +49 (0) 4962 / 6505