Tourist-Info Bad Essen

Bad Essen - the saltwater spa in the VarusRegion of the Osnabrücker Land!

Bad Essen lies in the middle of the Terra Vita Nature Park on the Deutsceh Fachwerkstraße (Fachwerk is the German word for half-timbered architecture). The historic Old Town,  consisting of the idyllic Kirchplatz, ALte Wassermühle and Schafstall has a cosy atmosphere. Bad Essen is an ideal centre for walking holidays, for example on the Waldrandweg or the DiVaWalk to the tracks left by dinosuars 150 million years ago. A network of easy-to-ride cycle paths through meadows and fields will take you to Schloss Ippenburg, known for its international garden festivals, and to Schloss Hünnefeld with its Café Alte Rentei. The marvellous rural atmosphere, excellenz cuisine, beautiful gardens, the Family Park and events like teh CULINARIA in May and the Historische MArkt in August are starting points for the Bad Essen Golf Variations and for many other activities like wllness days, biking days or a week taking the cure. Bad Essen was the venue for the Niedersachsen Garden Show in 2010, and that helped to make our spa even prettier. Guests can go to the Salina Park to visit the SoleArena, a salina thorn room structure that was nominated for the Niedersachsen State Prize for Architecture in 2010 - take a deep breath!

Tourist-Info Bad Essen

Lindenstr. 25
49152 Bad Essen
Phone: 05472-94920


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