ZeitOrte: Cultural treasures

of Heide, Harz and BraunschweigerLAND

enlarge Fossil search in the Geopark

Fossil search in the Geopark
© Freilicht- und Erlebnismuseum Ostfalen e.V., Nationaler GeoPark Harz.Braunschweiger Land.Ostfalen

Fossil search in the Geopark

A unique highlight of this region are its various cultural treasures, giving the BraunschweigerLAND its nickname “land of time travel”. Its rich history reveals itself through treasures of the past, pacemakers of the present and laboratories of the future. ZeitOrte are gateways to different eras. ZeitOrte invite you to go on a fascinating journey through time. They are historical settings as well as unique geological phenomena, archeological excavations, structures and ensembles of the Middle Ages, libraries of the era of Enlightenment, antique factory sites, museums of the future, sites of modern arts and architecture and production facilities of international reputation.

Discover ZeitOrte – discover the diversity of this region:

  • take a hike on the adventure trails of the GeoPark Braunschweiger Land
  • experience the Schöninger Speere (Schoningen spears), striking witnesses of human life in the Stone Ages
  • stroll along the tracks of the Guelf in medieval Braunschweig
  • put yourself into the spirit of the era of Baroque and Enlightenment in Lessing’s Wolfenbuttel
  • visit the cradle of industrialisation at the site of the Ilseder Hütte in the county of Peine and the history of steel production in Salzgitter
  • observe the world’s oldest power machines at the international museum of wind- and watermills in (Internationales Wind- und Wassermühlenmuseum) in Gifhorn
  • learn about the inner German transit of the past and future at the Helmstedt project “Boundless – Routes to your neighbour” (“Grenzenlos – Wege zum Nachbarn”).
  • experiment at the futuristic Science Center „phæno“ in Wolfsburg.
  • discover various themes of mobility at the Volkswagen groups “Autostadt” in Wolfsburg.

More than 90 “ZeitOrte” are waiting for you throughout Heide, BraunschweigerLAND and Harz.


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