Take a journey through time

The rich history of this region manifests itself in treasures of the past, pacesetters of the present time and laboratories of the future. ZeitOrte are historic settings such as excavated, geologically unique phenomena, archaeological excavations, medieval buildings or complexes, libraries of the Enlightenment, old factory premises, modern sites of art and architecture, museums of the future and world-renowned production facilities.


Take an exciting journey through time in our cities:

  • retrace the steps of the Guelphs in Medieval Braunschweig
  • relive the Baroque and Enlightenment eras in Wolfenbuttel (the city renowned for philosopher and author Lessing)
  • experience the cradle of industrialisation on the terrain of the Ilseder Hutte iron and steel works in the Peine administrative district and the history of salt production in Salzgitter
  • marvel at the oldest machines in the world at the windmill outdoor museum in Gifhorn
  • stay hot on the trail of domestic German transport past and present with the Helmstedt project “Grenzenlos – Wege zum Nachbarn” or “The way to your neighbour – without any borders”
  • experiment in the futuristic orientated phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg
  • visit the automobile transportation theme worlds at Autostadt Wolfsburg

Discovering ZeitOrte: Exciting and very different experiences from prehistoric times until the present day are guaranteed. Take as much time as you need!

On a city expedition

in the ZeitOrte area

Double Chapel in Helmstedt

Scout the ZeitOrte for a thematic city excursion. Life in Medieval times, the Baroque era’s zest for life, the history of industrialisation and futuristic ...more

Being aktive

in the ZeitOrte area

Water skiing on the Lake Salzgitter

Have your finger tips at the pulse of time when it comes to attractive shopping options in the region’s inner cities and shopping centres or outlets. Sports fans ...more

ZeitOrte: Cultural treasures

of Heide, Harz and BraunschweigerLAND

Fossil search in the Geopark

A unique highlight of this region are its various cultural treasures, giving the BraunschweigerLAND its nickname “land of time travel”. Its rich history reveals ...more

Bound for Helmstedt

In the middle of the nature reserve Elm-Lappwald

Theatre in Helmstedt

The district town of Helmstedt, a city full of historic ambiance, is situated in the middle of the nature reserve Elm-Lappwald. Once holding the most ...more

Take a city trip to Wolfenbüttel

The Guelphs' Residence and home to Jägermeister

Wolfenbüttel Castle

The former official residence of the Guelph court, a lively halftimbered town between the Lüneburg Heath und the Harz mountains, greets you with a wealth of ...more

Discover Braunschweig

Braunschweig - City of the Guelphs

Brunswick's historic center market square in the evening

With a population of around 250,000 it is the biggest city between Hannover and Berlin. Guelph Duke Henry the Lion made Brunswick his royal capital in the 12th ...more

Autostadt Wolfsburg

People, cars and what moves them

AUTOSTADT - Wolfsburg

At the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, everything revolves around the subject of mobility. “People, cars and what moves them” is the motto of the Volkswagen group’s ...more

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