Wilhelmshaven Coastal Museum

Küstenmuseum Wilhelmshaven

enlarge Coastal museum Wilhelmshaven

Coastal museum Wilhelmshaven
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Coastal museum Wilhelmshaven

Of dyke builders, emperors, chieftains and giant container ships ... an unconventionally designed exhibition on the past, present and future of the coast awaits visitors to the Wilhelmshaven Coastal Museum. Go back in history and discover how the coast was formed, learn about the early coastal inhabitants and the 150-year history of the naval town. The naval harbour and the docks, which played an important role before and between the two World Wars, shaped the face of the town and the life of its people. You can also find out about the construction project to build the only deep-water harbour in Germany, the JadeWeserPort.


Küstenmuseum Wilhelmshaven

Weserstraße 58, 26382 Wilhelmshaven

Phone: +49 (0) 4421 / 400940
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