Weserbergland trail

From classic to quality in the Weser Hills

From the source of the Weser to where it reaches the North German Plain, the hiking trail follows the river through the Weserbergland. Stretching some 200 km, the Weserbergland trail leads through woods, meadows, fields and colourful half-timbered towns. Shrouded in legend and renowned for its Sleeping Beauty castle of Sababurg, the Reinhardswald hill range is also en route, as is the Schönhagen Adventure Forest, home to Niedersachsen’s first tree hotel. A must for all hikers is the Hochmoor Mecklenbruch nature reserve in the densely wooded Hochsolling. But the magic of the Weserbergland is due not only to the tales of the Brothers Grimm set here. Even today, you may encounter historic figures such as Baron Münchhausen in Bodenwerder and the Pied Piper of Hamelin on the trail. Just as legendary are the magnificent Weser Renaissance buildings, such as Bevern Castle and Hämelschenburg Castle. Panoramic views from the Hohenstein hill in the Süntel slightly further north are equally as memorable as the view of the 800-year-old Schaumburg Castle overlooking Rinteln.

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