Wellness tips from Lower Saxony

Experience health in a different way

The health facilities in Lower Saxony’s 111 therapeutic baths, spas and health resorts offer much more than just Kneipp therapies and mud packs! Get inspired with our extra-ordinary yet always health-oriented activities. You can be in charge of the design your Health and wellness holidays in Lower Saxony can be authentic and unusual according to your personal design, the likes you have never known before in any conventional treatment program. Where else could you go for a walk with a llama or enjoy a retreat at a monastery?

Pfefferminzsträucher im Kräutergarten

Herb gardens in Lower Saxony

Flower-Power for your health

Nature can offer rich opportunities that contribute to your health. more

Salzgrotte in Bad Rothenfelde

Breathe deeply in Lower Saxony

Good for your respiratory passages

For many suffering from respiratory diseases, the healthy bracing climate of the North Sea in Lower Saxony is the first ... more

Wandern in der Lüneburger Heide

Taking care of yourself in Lower Saxony

Spiritual and meditative health offers

In Lower Saxony you will find some special offers to search back into yourself again, think about God and the world and ... more


Go on a pilgrimage in Lower Saxony

I’m off then…

Going on a pilgrimage is a tradition. For centuries now, people from all religions and cultures all over the world follow ... more

Thalassotherapy in Lower Saxony

The healing powers of the sea

The Wadden Sea is not only a unique habitat, but also a treasure box for your wellbeing. more

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