Wellness in Lower Saxony

Indulge yourself. In Lower Saxony. The ultimate holiday destination.


Breath deeply in Lower Saxony
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Lower Saxony/Niedersachsen offers more than just wellness! Discover Lower Saxony with all your senses during a comfort and vital holiday and find a new impetus by just being lazy or by actively relaxing.

Feel the salty sea breeze on your skin, discover green meadows or woods, draw power from outdoor activities and indulge yourself with all senses. Niedersachsen offers enjoyment for body and soul: "Indulge yourself!"

Fancy, high-value offers contribute to a very special pampering holiday. Enjoy yourself with nourishing masks, packs or with a soothing aromatherapy. Regain strength through the bracing climate, brine, marshland or sulfur, and the original power of the Thalasso. Pamper yourself with a Frisian Teebath with fragrant milk whey. Healthy and stimulating outdoor-activities help you to regain your strength. Or you can relax during a traditional Shiatsu-massage.


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