UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea

enlarge Crab in the Wadden Sea

Crab in the Wadden Sea
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Crab in the Wadden Sea

Wind, waves, Wadden and wide expanses – the North Sea offers visitors a very special spectacle of nature against an ever-changing backdrop.

When the water ebbs twice a day, a habitat is revealed with an unbelievable variety of species. Yet geologically speaking, the North Sea is still relatively new, developing into its current state only during the last Ice Age – i.e. roughly 11,000 years ago. Sand and gravel left behind from the ice have accumulated due to the current on the flat coast and the island. The interplay of ebb and flow has also led to the development of the tidal flats.

The Wadden Sea is regarded as one of the last, largely untouched landscapes in Europe. Around 10,000 different flora and fauna live here: birds, fish and lugworms, as well as many algae and microbes. They are what make the Wadden Sea so special. In 1986, Niedersachsen’s Wadden Sea was declared a national park. Protective measures were then implemented to ensure that this unique habitat is preserved for generations to come. In June 2009, UNESCO declared the Wadden Sea in Germany and the Netherlands a joint World Heritage Site. Experienced guides offer exciting opportunities to wander through the unique habitat of the tidal flats on the East Frisian islands and Niedersachsen coast. Feel and breathe in the salty air.

The following Visitor Centres along the coast and on the islands offer exhibitions, lectures, excursions and experimental programmes. You can also ask for special offers for children, teenagers and other groups. The centres in Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven are also World heritage information centres.

Along the coast:

  • Cuxhaven, Hans-Clausen-Straße 19, 27476 Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg, Tel. (0049) 4721 28681
  • Wurster Nordseeküste, Am Kutterhafen, 27632 Dorum-Neufeld, Tel. (0049) 4741 2826
  • Fedderwardersiel, Am Hafen 1, 26969 Butjadingen, Tel. (0049) 4733 8517
  • Dangast, Zum Jadebusen 179, 26316 Varel-Dangast, Tel. (0049) 4451 7058
  • Carolinensiel, Pumphusen 3, 26409 Carolinensiel, Tel. (0049) 4464 8403
  • Dornumersiel, Oll Deep 7, 26553 Dornumersiel, Tel. (0049) 4933 1565
  • Norden-Norddeich, Dörper Weg 22, 26506 Norden-Norddeich, (0049) 4931 81635
  • Greetsiel, Schatthauser Weg 6, 26736 Greetsiel, Tel. (0049) 4926 2041

On the Islands:

  • Wangerooge, Friedrich - August - Str. 18, 26480 Wangerooge, Tel. (0049) 4469 8397
  • Baltrum, Haus Nr. 177, 26579 Baltrum, Tel. (0049) 4939 469
  • Norderney, Am Hafen, 26548 Norderney, Tel. (0049) 4932 2001
  • Juist, Carl-Stegmann-Str.5, 26560 Juist, Tel. (0049) 4935 1595
  • Borkum ("Feuerschiff Borkumriff") 26757 Borkum, Tel. (0049) 4922 2030

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