Traditional national costumes in Lower Saxony

enlarge Guided tours in traditional dress

Guided tours in traditional dress
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Guided tours in traditional dress

Lower Saxony is second to none in terms of its wide variety of traditional costumes. Schaumburg, Grönegau, Artland, Emsland, East Frisia, Ammerland, the Stade Geest, Scheeßel, Altes Land, Winsen and Brunswick are just some of the key areas and places with their very own style of regional dress, which can vary from village to village.

Knowledge of the Trachten worn primarily during the last century

  • some of which are still worn every day by people in rural areas
  • has not been lost. Quite the opposite in fact, as various

Trachten groups in Lower Saxony nurture this cultural tradition by providing an authentic reconstruction of traditional costumes and parts thereof, introducing them to interested audiences through dance, music, song and customs at many minor and major events.

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