Tidelands race in Duhnen

Duhner Wattrennen

enlarge "Duhner Wattrennen"

"Duhner Wattrennen"
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"Duhner Wattrennen"

The tidelands race in Duhnen on the ocean bed in front of the North Sea baths Duhnen must be the only one of its kind in the world. Since 1902, trotter and gallop races are held here. It is an incredible sight to see these powerful horses galloping over the tidelands. Water splashes, the ground flies up high and the horses and their jockeys hardly look the same at the end as at the start!

After Neptun, God of the ocean, opens his realm, trotters and gallopers from all over Northern Germany start their race. Of course, spectators get the chance to bet on a victory or placement of their favourites. With a bit of luck, you could finance your entire trip to the North Sea spa town Cuxhaven with your winnings. Many bands and various entertainment programs on the festival grounds garnish the traditional highlight of the season in the spa Duhnen.


Verein für Pferderennen auf dem Duhner Watt e. V.

Hamburg-Amerika-Str. 5, 27472 Cuxhaven

Phone: +49 (0) 4721 / 38055


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