The Weser Renaissance Route

From Hann. Münden to Bremen

This typical Renaissance style of architecture emerged in the Weser region of northern Germany in the 16th and 17th century. No other region in Germany today has anywhere near as many Renaissance buildings as can be seen on the Weser Renaissance Route from Hann. Münden to Bremen. An economic boom between 1520 and 1620 led to intensive building works. The well-to-do nobility and rulers of the time built impressive castles, town halls, residences and farmsteads in stone or as half-timbered buildings.
The Weser Renaissance Route is an approx. 400 km car tour starting at the town of Hann. Münden and ending in Bremen. Due to the sheer number of buildings, the route was divided into three parts. The southern part begins in Hann. Münden and ends in Höxter and Blomberg. The middle part starts in Blomberg and runs up to Hameln. The starting point in the north is in Hameln (Hamelin) and the finishing point is in the Hanseatic City of Bremen. The individual Weser Renaissance buildings can be viewed on a circular tour.

Length: approximately 400 km

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