The North Sea

Active relaxation by the sea to boost body and soul

Cycling along the beautiful coastline, long walks along the dike, walking along the vast tidal flats – on the North Sea coast of Niedersachsen, the body virtually longs for intensive exercise in the fresh salty air. But don’t worry, you don’t have to exert yourself to feel instantly revitalised.
However, a walk along the tidal flats of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is an absolute must, as it offers just the opportunity to wind down you’d expect from a holiday on Niedersachsen’s coast.
An unbelievable tranquillity prevails here, when the North Sea gives way to the tidal flats – a wonderful place to re-sharpen the senses. The soft squelching noise of what experts claim to be the tiny feet of washed-up mussels digging their way back underground can also be heard.
Varied and popular with all age groups are the bike tours past the historic manors, impressive lighthouses and old mills which line the route like a string of pearls – something even seasoned mountain bikers will appreciate. White-and-green signs guide the way, also to the next picturesque village or little harbour, where you can gather your strength with some bread rolls, generously garnished with fish or shrimp. And when the wind on your back seems to push you along, you inevitably get the feeling of having not only travelled but also truly experienced Niedersachsen’s North Sea coast.

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