The historic town hall

An eye-catcher on the market square

enlarge The old city hall in Lingen

The old city hall in Lingen
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The old city hall in Lingen

The historic town hall in Lingen remains one of the most eye-catching buildings in the town. It may be fairly small, but it dominates the market square as a status symbol of past centuries.

Kivelings songs

The town hall was rebuilt in 1555 on the site of a former town hall, and was then altered in 1663. An open court was once held in the spot where the steps now lead up to the main door. Far up on the front gable you can see the town’s coat of arms with the three towers. The bell tower contains a carillon donated by the Kiveling boys. To match the glockenspiel, the Kivelinge also presented the town with a set of figures that appear at midday, 3pm and 6pm through the tiny windows and move to the tune of the carillon.


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