Thalassotherapy in Lower Saxony

The healing powers of the sea


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Enjoy thalasso treatments with substances of the sea! The Wadden Sea is not only a unique habitat, but also a treasure box for your wellbeing. Take advantage of the healing power of the North Sea for your all-round health and vitality!

Because water is the best medicine! In the depths of the sea, there lies a whole range of cosmetic treasures: algae, mud and salt water are true treasures making thalassotherapy at the North Sea a real pleasure! Along with the healthy bracing climate of the seashore, these "ingredients" form the basis of the local thalasso treatments. Literally translated, thalasso means "healing treatment from the sea". The term derives from the Greek word "Thalassa" for the sea and "Therapieia" for care.

In order to use fresh seawater, thalassotherapy centres must be located directly on the coast. As water and wellness simply belong together at the Lower Saxony North Sea. And even if you do not have time for the traditional seven-day thalassotherapy spa, you can enjoy your personal time out with sea treatments. The clear sea air ensures deep and free breathing. You can quite happily immerse and relax in the warm seawater pools of the thalassotherapy baths. The active ingredients of the sea are even more effective at these pleasant temperatures. In some "Spas", the 30 percent salinity of the water gives you a feeling of weightlessness.

With thalassotherapy, trace elements and minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium can penetrate the skin and thus ensure a delicate sense of wellbeing. Algae wraps or sea mud packs reinforce this feeling and have a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect. A thalassotherapy recharges consumed energy.

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