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enlarge S-Bahn close to Benningsen

S-Bahn close to Benningsen
© Deutsche Bahn AG / Bernd Gramsch

S-Bahn close to Benningsen

Travelling to your starting point or just shortening your day’s ride? Many cycling holiday regions in Lower Saxony offer good connections to the railway network. You can take your bike on most trains operating regional services in Niedersachsen without prior reservation. This does not apply to IC trains for which, as in the rest of Germany, prior reservations for cycles are compulsory. Deutsche Bahn AG has set up a hotline especially for cyclists. On +49(0)180599663 (14 cents/min on calls from German landlines, max. 42 cents/min for calls from mobile phones) cycling experts provide Bahn & Bike information, such as details of trains that accept bikes, cycle hire and cycle transport. The hotline is open Mondays to Sundays, from 8am to 8 pm. Prices and regulations regarding the transport of bicycles differ between the various local transport networks in Lower Saxony.

Please note that bicycles will only be accepted on board trains with the necessary free capacity. Take your bike on the bus? In many cycle regions of Lower Saxony, that’s not a problem. The bus services have adapted to your needs and offer a special bus service for holiday cyclists in the summer months: the Lüneburger Heide buses operating in four regions of the Heath, the Steinhuder Meer cycle bus, the Elbe-Radwanderbus, the Grafschafter Fietsenbus, the Emsland RadExpress and the Freitzeitbus in the Osnabrücker Land now all run with a cycle trailer and will take your bike on board free of charge or for a small surcharge. An even more convenient option is to take one of the cycle taxis operating in Ostfriesland and ‘Elbe und Wendland’ – here you can book your own individual trip and off you go.

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