Surfing in Lower Saxony

relaxation between wind and waves

enlarge Surfer on the "Großen Meer" in Südbrookmerland

Surfer on the "Großen Meer" in Südbrookmerland
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Surfer on the "Großen Meer" in Südbrookmerland

High, higher, highest. Whether it’s the waves of the North Sea or inland lakes, it’s hard to imagine our seas and waters without windsurfers. They fly over waves, leap into the air and turn on their own axis. Life with the sun, beach, wind and sea is finding ever more adherents. Escape the quotidian and enjoy the surf to your heart’s content.

Our inland lakes are excellent for beginners. Alongside the North Sea and the Steinhuder Sea, Niedersachsen’s second largest lake is an attractive location for windsurfing. The Dümmer is just 1.5 – 1.7 metres deep, ideal if you prefer to feel terra firma beneath your feet. Every Whitsun the real professionals compete for the German Windsurfing Cup off the Island of Norderney. The top surfers of the German windsurfing scene demonstrate their skills in the racing, wave freestyle and slalom events before enjoying the parties and concerts late into the night. The event is part of the White Sands Festival, at which there are also beach volleyball, rollerblading and kiteboarding competitions.

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