Steinhuder Meer nature park

Northwest Germany's biggest lake

enlarge Boat trip on the Steinhuder Meer

Boat trip on the Steinhuder Meer
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Boat trip on the Steinhuder Meer

The heart and namesake of the nature park is Northwest Germany’s largest lake, the Steinhuder Meer, which is about 302 large. Extended moor areas - such as the Tote Moor and the Wunstorfer Moor - shape the landscape next to the sea. Large areas of forest and lakeside meadows turn the nature park with its scenic diversity into a recreation area of supra-regional importance.

Tourist attractions include the peaceful villages of Mardorf and Steinhude. The numerous small shops, seafood restaurants and markets invite you to take a stroll or a enjoy a good meal. Steinhude’s other highlights include the historical Scheunenviertel and the butterfly park. Guests can learn interesting and exciting facts about the local nature by visiting the nature park centre. The lake offers the opportunity for sailing and surfing for water enthusiasts. Holidaymakers who want to take things easier can take a boat trip or go swimming at one of the beaches. The environment around the lake can be best explored as a one or two-day trip around the Steinhuder Meer. Nature lovers can join one of the nature and landscape tours and with luck catch a glimpse of sea eagles.


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