Steinhuder Meer Nature Park

Northwest Germany’s biggest inland lake

The heart and namesake of the nature park is northwest Germany’s biggest inland lake, the approximately 30 km2 Steinhuder Meer (Lake Steinhude). The northern boundary of the vast nature park is formed by the Aller valley, its eastern by the Leine valley, its southern by the Mittelland canal and its western by the Weser valley. But there’s a lot more to the nature park than just the lake. Extensive moorlands, broad “Geest” sandy moorland ridges, grassland, woods, the northernmost fingers of the Mittelgebirge mountain range and the neighbouring river valleys have made the park with its variety of landscape into a place of relaxation, enjoyed by visitors far and wide. Many visitors are drawn to the Steinhuder Meer, particularly in the summer months, by the magical attraction of water, and the opportunity to bathe, sail, surf or go boating. The beach on the White Dune on the north bank and the bathing island on the south bank are very popular with bathers and sun seekers.

Wilhelmstein island fortress

The Wilhelmstein island fortress can be reached from April to October from Steinhude and Mardorf with the “Auswanderer”, the Steinhude passenger ships. “Auswanderer” are big, powered wooden sailing boats typical of the area for transporting passengers. Visitors can gain an insight into life in the County of Schaumburg. The name of the fortress is traced back to its founder Earl Wilhelm.

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