Stade and Buxtehude

Maritime Hanseatic towns

Rivers were once the lifelines of the towns. The Elbe and the Schwinge were the highways to Stade, while the Elbe and the Este connected Buxtehude with the rest of the world. Trade flourished during the Hanseatic era and the ships took goods to ports all over the world. The word Hanse means group, and the Hanseatic League was an alliance of merchants set up to protect their trade interests and guard their goods and ships against attack. The cog is the symbol of the Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic towns of Stade and Buxtehude still exude the historic charm of bygone eras: take a stroll along the two Hanseatic river ports and you almost expect to see a cog leaving the port, bound for a far-away destination.

Fish market in Stade


A breath of fresh air in the north

Where once ships were unloaded, goods were weighed and duties paid, waiting to continue their journey, is now home to small ... more

City center of Buxtehude

The old centre of Buxtehude

Half-timbering and gothic brickwork

Buxtehude’s old town centre is surrounded by water. An old moat still separates the historic part of the town from the ... more

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