Stade – the Old Town

Old Hanse port and 17th century townhouses

enlarge Hansekogge in Stade

Hansekogge in Stade
© STADE Tourismus-GmbH; Fotograf: Martin Elsen

Hansekogge in Stade

A stroll through the Old Town is almost like a journey through history. Water plays a pivotal role in the city, and at the old Hanse port, beside the many smart 17th century townhouses.
Undoubtedly one of the finest places is the fish market with its replica of a wooden step crane, surrounded by quay walls and magnificent half-timbered houses.
Further along, past the baroque tower of the Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, lies the town hall, whose gothic basement vault withstood the great fire of 1659.
The town hall itself is a brick building built in the style of the Dutch Renaissance and Early Baroque. Nearby lies the Pferdemarkt (horse market) with its 17th-century centrepiece, the Zeughaus (arsenal).


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