"Schwedenspeicher" Stade

enlarge Exterior view from the "Schwedenspeicher" in Stade

"Schwedenspeicher" in Stade
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Exterior view from the "Schwedenspeicher" in Stade

The building itself is full of history: the museum is located in the former Swedish storehouse, right by the old Hanse port. Clearly visible from the water’s edge are the pillars on which the building rests. The modern museum was renovated in 2011 and now basks in renewed splendour.
Focusing on both the city and its Hanseatic past, a permanent exhibition on the ground floor presents the city’s history, while an impressive display on the first floor shows its Hanseatic past in five parts. Besides interactive installations and vivid three-dimensional graphics, visitors can expect to see large illustrations that provide a humorous and detailed historical insight. Also, a large three-dimensional multimedia model is used to present the historical development of the Hanse city of Stade in six parts. The most important exhibits on historic milestones and an exclusive selection of Stade port finds provide further key exhibition elements.



Wasser West 39, 21682 Stade

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