Romans and Teutons in Kalkriese

Kalkriese is a fascinating place for children with a thirst for knowledge. Here they can track down ancient history. In the year 9AD, Kalkriese was the site of the legendary Battle of Varus, in which the Romans were defeated by the Teutons. On special family tours, which also include a tour of the new permanent exhibition, both children and adults can learn all the background information and some fascinating stories connected with the battle. A real highlight for the little ones is the Römer- und Germanentage festival at Whitsun, when hundreds of “Romans and Teutons” set up camp in the park and demonstrate how people used to live 2000 years ago. When the festival is not in progress, an excursion into Roman and Teutonic history can be excellently combined with a visit to the climbing garden, where bold souls can swing from tree to tree right on the spot where the Battle of Varus was fought.

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