Riding in the Elbtalaue-Wendland region

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enlarge Riders in the Nemitzer Heath

Riders in the Nemitzer Heath
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Riders in the Nemitzer Heath

The Elbtalaue-Wendland region is a paradise for equestrians of all ages and disciplines, as well as for those who want to learn to ride. During a riding holiday you can even combine the fun of riding with exploring the region. Pony riding, dressage and showjumping, Western and cross-country riding, and courses for beginners and experienced riders alike – everything is possible here, with your own horse or with a well-trained horse from a stable.
Popular attractions are numerous obstacle courses with different difficulty levels, as well as the “Dune Rollercoaster” and the “Keep Fit Trail” for horses and riders. At one of the many stables, children can fulfil their dream of looking after a horse and enjoy wonderful rides.


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