The Palace of Wolfenbüttel

Residenzschloss Wolfenbüttel

enlarge Wolfenbüttel Castle

Wolfenbüttel Castle
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Wolfenbüttel Castle

Among the castles in Lower Saxony, the one in Wolfenbüttel is a prominent one.
It is not only the second largest of its kind, it also houses the only ducal apartments in Lower Saxony dating back to the High Baroque. This huge four-wing building used to be the Brunswick-Lüneburg dukes' residence for more than 400 years. The still existing magnificent façade and the prestigious apartments built between 1690 and 1740 are a proof of the riches of the ducal court. They are nowadays part of the museum in the castle. Apart from the ducal apartments with their authentic examples of classic domestic culture from the age of Absolutism, the museum exposes a great many remarkable objects of upper-class life of the past three centuries. The museum also proposes special exhibitions and guided tours as well as pedagogical activities.


Schloss Wolfenbüttel – Museum

Schlossplatz 13, 38300 Wolfenbüttel

Phone: +49 (0) 5331 / 92460

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