Regions in Lower Saxony

Where do you want to spend your next active holiday? In the north, south, east or west? “Doesn’t matter, as longas it’s Lower Saxony!” could well be the answer once you’ve read this homepage.

Because, from Wurmberg in the south at an altitude of just under 1,000 m, to bewitching fluvial plans in the west and gently rolling heath landscapes in the east, to the mudflats of the North Sea, Germany’s second largest state fulfils every active holidaymaker’s wish with a total of 16 natural landscapes. Whether it be hiking, clambering, walking, sailing, cycling, horse-riding, canoeing, kayaking or skiing – you’ll have full freedom of movement!

Discover Lower Saxony with its surprising landscapes, unique flora and fauna, charming customs and legendary secrets: First at this homepage and then in real life … We hope you enjoy it and have an unforgettable trip!

Altes Land am Elbstrom

Enjoy tranquillity downstream from Hamburg

Aerial view of the tourist area Altes Land at the river Elbe

A green, lush landscape interspersed with glimpses of the blue river: this is the Altes Land am Elbstrom, which stretches along the southwest riverside of the Elbe. ...more

East Frisia

"Moin" in Ostfriesland

Pilsum lighthouse

Here in the northwest corner of Lower Saxony endless vastness invite for relaxing and active experiences. more

County of Bentheim

Grafschaft Bentheim

Castle of Bentheim

Right on the border to the Netherlands lies the region Grafschaft Bentheim, where cycling is called “fietsen”, just like the Dutch word. more

Luneburg Heath

Lüneburger Heide - Enchanting countryside

Hiking in the Lüneburger Heide

Discover the lively and fun side of the Lüneburger Heide region of Lower Saxony. This is one of the most popular regions in Europe more


magical, mystical and exciting

Okervalley in the Harz

Germany’s northernmost low-lying mountain range lies at the intersection of Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen. It spans a total of 2,226 ...more

Oldenburger Münsterland

Have a run in the country

Museum village of Cloppenburg

As the booming region of Lower Saxony, the Oldenburger Münsterland is a grown cultural area that has been shaped by a centuries-old relationship to the ...more


Take a journey through time

Skoda-pavillion in the Autostadt Wolfsburg

The rich history of this region manifests itself in treasures of the past, pacesetters of the present time and laboratories of the future. ZeitOrte are ...more

Hannover Region

Welcome to Hannover Region!


Hannover Region is characterized by contrasts: Quiet vintage ambience paired with modern architecture and metropolitan flair. more

The North Sea

Sea more

North Sea

Active relaxation by the sea to boost body and soul, cycling along the beautiful coastline, long walks along the embankment, wandering through the vast ...more


A fascinating journey through the Weserbergland

The Weser

A fascinating and varied journey awaits in the romantic mountain range with its soft hills and river that lends it its name. From the convergence of the Weser river to ...more


A paradise for cyclists and families


The idyllic Ems and Hase Rivers, mysterious moors, the forests of the Hümmling hills, prehistoric graves and some of the prettiest villages in ...more


Experience the biosphere region Elbtalaue-Wendland

Elbe between Gartow and Hitzacker

In the easternmost part of Niedersachsen you will discover the spectacular landscapes of the biosphere reserve Elbtalaue (Elbe Valley Meadows) and the ...more


manageable, original and cosy

Europe's most beautiful farmer's market in Nienburg

The holiday region Mittelweser is a manageable, original and cosy region. The flat land along the river Weser is surrounded by Minden and Hannover in the ...more

Rotenburg (Wümme) HOLIDAY Region

The Nature Paradise Between Heath and North Sea

Nature paradise - bog experience in Lower Saxony

Rolling woodlands, wonderful heathlands, luscious meadows, mysterious moorlands, a tracery of rivers and natural lakes all await you in the Rotenburg (Wümme) region more

Osnabrücker Land

A Region Full of Surprises

Osnabrück countryside

What’s so special about the Osnabrücker Land region is the tremendous diversity of the countryside, ranging from the Wiehengebirge and Teutoburger Wald uplands more


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