E- Bikes

A little extra power to see you through Lower Saxony's cycling regions

enlarge E-Bikes in front of the Sababurg, castle from the sleeping beauty

E-Bikes in front of the Sababurg, castle from the sleeping beauty
© Familie Koseck / Dornroeschenschloss Sababurg

E-Bikes in front of the Sababurg, castle from the sleeping beauty

Like the idea of making your bike tour a little easier? Are you one of those people who always end up behind everyone else when they go cycling with their friends? Have you always thought you weren’t old enough for an e-bike? Then your next cycling holiday in Lower Saxony could be a new experience for you if you decide to try out just how enjoyable cycling can be with a little “battery doping”. The magic word for you is “e-bike” – or to be more accurate: Pedelec. Pedelecs are bikes with a built-in engine that helps you step on the pedal. You still have to pedal to make progress, but you will find it a little easier and get ahead faster, too. The engine is powered by a battery with a range of between 30 and 80 kilometres, depending on how much you use it. As Pedelecs are legally designated bicycles, you are allowed to do anything with a Pedelec that you would do with an ordinary bike, for example, use bike paths and decide for yourself whether or not you wear a helmet. You can experience the joys of riding a Pedelec in Lower Saxony's many different landscapes. Whether you are planning to make the climb up the hills of Lower Saxony's uplands a little less strenuous or to take the sting out of the headwind sweeping towards you across the plain, you can be sure a Pedelec will make your cycling tour a stress-free experience. Have we aroused your curiosity about the new possibilities open to you on a bike tour? Then make your next cycle tour a Pedelec tour along the Mittelweser, through the rolling Weserbergland, the Tourismusregion Hannover, the Braunschweiger Land, Lüneburger Heide, Emsland or ‘Elbe und Wendland’ – you’ll be in for a great surprise. There are several Pedelec centres in these regions where you can hire an e-bike, and if you are on a longer tour, recharge your battery. In the Grafschaft Bentheim, in addition to the rental Pedelecs, there are also ‘Grafschafter Servicestationen’ where, among other things, you can recharge your Pedelec battery or, if necessary, repair your bike. When booking your cycle tour in the Oldenburger Münsterland or Ostfriesland, you can also book Pedelecs straight away, if you wish.

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