Papenburg Zeitspeicher

enlarge Papenburg - In the "Zeitspeicher" visitors experience the city's history

Papenburg - In the "Zeitspeicher" visitors experience the city's history
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Papenburg - In the "Zeitspeicher" visitors experience the city's history

The “Papenburg Zeitspeicher” is an interactive visitor information centre like no other in Germany. On the site of the former manufacturing facilities of the MEYER WERFT, the “Forum Alte Werft”, an interactive world of experience was created in a historic building, bringing history to life!


Experience the birth of Papenburg

Embark on a journey through time with the city’s founder himself, Dietrich von Velen, and experience the history of the origins of Papenburg “from the moors to the sea”. With the aid of interactive exhibits, discover how the first peat huts were built and canals created around 1630. You can also obtain lots of valuable information on attractive days out in Papenburg.

Discover steel shipbuilding

Begin your journey of discovery around 1870 in a bar on the other side of the world. Listen to the Papenburg captains and their stories. Slip into the role of a captain and find out more about steel shipbuilding on the building site of the legendary “Graf Götzen” passenger steamer.

Learn more about the fascination of automotive testing

“Attention, Top Secret” is the name of the game here. You are about to enter a high security area. Although it is strictly forbidden for private individuals to enter the ATP testing grounds, here in the “Papenburg Zeitspeicher” we will make an exception. Here you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to risk taking a fascinating look behind the screens of the ATP testing grounds. Learn more about the exciting world of automotive testing. Meet the prototype and become a test driver on the mini ATP course. Climb the steep curve and test your physical fitness with the Powercheck.

Papenburg Tourist Information

Papenburg Tourist Information, or Papenburg Tourismus GmbH, is on the ground floor of the building. Here you can obtain your entry ticket to the “Zeitspeicher” as well as information on sightseeing attractions in Papenburg and tickets to all tourist attractions. Find out all about cruises in the luxurious Crusader Lounge or browse the souvenir shop for gifts.


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