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enlarge Agathenburg Castle at Stade

Agathenburg Castle at Stade
© Schloss Agathenburg

Agathenburg Castle at Stade

Agathenburg Palace and Hörne Manor Park

Impressive old farm houses and manors are often slightly off the beaten track, hidden in the countryside. Hörne Manor Park in Balje even offers accommodation. The region also boasts a wonderful palace: Agathenburg Palace, built in a simple baroque style. Agathenburg is also one of the area’s most important culture venues, and visiting exhibitions of contemporary art, concerts and book readings are held here. There’s a new permanent exhibition about the life of the Königsmarck family, with specially furnished rooms, exhibits and interactive terminals. This exhibition tells the story of the rich and immensely powerful, aristocratic Königsmarck family, who once lived in the palace. Services include audioguides and guided tours for children. In the summer holidays there are children’s workshops during which young visitors can enjoy arts and crafts in the palace.

Schwedenspeicher Museum

Commissioned by Charles XII of Sweden, the Schwedenspeicher with its 1-metre thick walls was completed in 1705. Since 1977, this old warehouse has been a regional museum for cultural history. Its collection on the history of the town includes many spectacular exhibits of international standing, fully the equal of anything on display in London or Bergen. Stade during the Hanseatic era is the main focus of this department. The museum also offers special exhibitions and an extensive range of educational services.

Buxtehude Museum of Regional History and Art

Built in 1913, the museum in Buxtehude has a pretty half-timbered facade. Buxtehude Museum unites regional history and art: interesting exhibits about local history and legends – including the tale of the hare and the hedgehog which is set in Buxtehude, furnishings and traditional crafts. In the modern annex the museum shows visiting exhibitions of contemporary art.

Himmelpforten Local and School Museum

Groups and school classes are invited to step back in time and experience lessons as they were 100 years ago – with a slate and pen – at the School Museum in Himmelpforten. The classroom in the school, which was built in 1875, looks exactly as it did a century ago. Guided tours are available.


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